Who is wale dating

I felt alone and nothing could take the feeling away,” he said.

“I was doing everything to try to run from facing what happened and it just wouldn’t go away.

The beautiful Serayah Mc Neill, who is also the star of the popular American TV show Empire, does have a boyfriend!! Apparently, they have been secretly dating since July and have been getting serious lately.“You get to a level, to a place in your life, where you’re ready for stuff like that,” he said.“I’ve accomplished a lot at a young age and I was ready for that peace. I’ve got so many friends with kids and I see the transformation it does for them.However, Serayah and Wale’s Twitter accounts have been indicating that they have been seeing each other for quite a while now.Serayah even tweeted “Wale’s new song at the time, Spoiled”.

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