Who is perry farrell dating

Subsequently, she had been a featured dancer on Janes' Jubilee tour in 2001, Strays tour at Lollapalooza in 2003, as well as Perry Farrell's solo project, which performed a few shows in 1999. They have two sons together, Hezron and Izzadore Farrell.

The Jane's Addiction songs "Wrong Girl", "Superhero", "To Match the Sun", and the unreleased "Cling to You" were written for Etty.

Niccoli dated Perry Farrell from 1982 to '93, and through those years witnessed first-hand the evolution of Jane's Addiction as both girlfriend and creative muse. I had 0 to my name, packed up my car and moved to L. My boyfriend's band played a benefit show with Psi Com (Farrell's former band). He used to tell me, 'You make a terrible celebrity,' because I didn't kind of fit the bill."Niccoli's relationship with Farrell would heavily influence the band's visual aesthetic: She was the model for the conjoined twins on the iconic cover of the album "Nothing's Shocking," and she was featured in the video for "Mountain Song" and the controversial short film "Gift," among others."We just had a magical connection. I wish I could just be a face in the crowd and be like everyone else.

Currently living a quiet existence in Los Angeles, the reclusive Niccoli is reticent about looking back on her years around the band."I'm actually trying to be more open to it," said Niccoli, who attended Highland High, during a recent phone interview. I just showed up, and I was immediately just mesmerized, fell in love, I wanted to have his babies, and I just couldn't stop talking about him. He didn't really think about what people were gonna think or how people were going to accept it.

In addition to that, he had this coolness about him, which made him even more compelling for women, but it was very natural.

Sold out.” He was so proud, he was trying to brag to me he got the very last fairy princess castle. There weren’t — and there aren’t still — very many that could sing the way Chris can.

Etty met husband, and future bandmate, Perry Farrell while a dancer on Jane's Addiction's 1997 Relapse tour.

She can be seen on the Three Days rockumentary that records the tour.

She fell in love with the house, and I surprised her by purchasing it.'Etty says: 'To have somebody that loves you and to be completely supportive of you in the best of times and the worst of times.

It’s nice to have someone who you can stick your cold feet up against at night.

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