Updating paper provisional driving licence datingsites in u k

Having contacted the DVLA, I can confirm that the date at 4b is when only the photo expires.

This will ensure that your records are kept up to date and any future contact you have with the DVLA will be conducted in your new name.) I also neglected to change my address on my license the instant that I moved house a few months ago, it only dawning on me that I forgot to do this now I am filling in a form to get a replacement licence issued. So is changing the address on it (but you send your card back to do this).My question is, has anyone tried to do this at the same time?If the DVLA have to carry out health or other personal detail checks this may prolong the process.Therefore in order to complete the process as quickly as possible it is advisable that you ensure you have enclosed all that is necessary before sending off you application.

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