Sedating a shark in thye wild

He does this until he hits the ocean floor, and then he swims back up to the surface and does it again.

By gliding down instead of actually swimming, the shark is able to take a period of rest, which is his version of sleeping.

” asks Monterey Bay Aquarium research scientist Salvador Jorgensen.

“The answer is in its stomach.” Jorgensen and his colleagues are trying to learn where and when white sharks feed by using an electronic tracking device called a “Daily Diary” that works like the activity-logging Fitbit.

At the same time, transportation techniques have improved and long distance movement of sharks is becoming easier.

Several attempts to keep a Great White Shark in captivity have been attempted, but most specimens died or had to be released after a short time.

The longest a Great White was held in captivity was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, in September 2004.In order for most types of sharks to breathe, they have to be swimming, which means laying down to rest isn't possible for them.In order to sleep or take any type of rest, they would need to still be swimming while they do it. "Sleep is a concept that we think about from a human standpoint," George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, told The Dodo.This gave rise to the belief that sharks, as well as being difficult to capture and transport, were difficult to care for.A better knowledge of sharks has led to more species (including the large pelagic sharks) being able to be kept for far longer.

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