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Mc Kesson Ventures helps innovators build and scale businesses that will lead to a more navigable, effective and efficient health care delivery system.

We partner with companies that are driving and enabling positive change for key stakeholders on all sides of the health care economy.

Mills started to appear in the late 1600s and early 1700s which created a boom in food production.

This led to more people settling in the Tri-State area.

Nevertheless, till today, homeopathy is considered to be an alternative system of medicine and is, occasionally, seen with some amount of mistrust.

We seek companies in emerging growth areas at the center of these changes, including: Mc Kesson Ventures is focused on the long-term strategic needs of the industry and the Mc Kesson ecosystem – not the tactical needs of specific Mc Kesson business units.

Just as today, when one discusses cancer, death is assumed to be a likely consequence, then when one discussed fever, death was assumed to be a likely consequence.

It was this view of morbidity that made yellow fever so feared simply because in the experience of these people who were so sensitive to fevers, yellow fever was most powerful and horrible. Epidemics prior to 1793 all seemed to be exceptions.

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Check out my new blog YELLOW FEVER CASEBOOK Historic yellow fever cases in Philadelphia and New York in the 1790's.

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