Ludacris dating letoya luckett

Her mindset while recording the new album: I wanted people to get to know Le Toya in a different way. Now I wanted to be more personable and relatable, more honest.Of course, I wanted to keep it R&B, but the production is very open, not a whole lot of clutter with various instruments. “Back 2 Life” is probably something I would have never thought to do before.Since we first got confirmation of the album late last year, it has undergone a name change and is now entitled like the single of the same name.To tide fans over for the next month until it drops, Le Toya has revealed the album cover and tracklist and is serving up quite an eyeful.The couple later posted a message in late July of this year explaining that the engagement was off but they hoped to one day reconcile. We’re not getting married at this point because we understand each other as friends, the right way.There are certain things she needs to do for herself, and there are certain things I need to do.”Luckett and ex-hubby Rob Hillman tied the knot back in January but split after just 2 months and change.Her last album Lady Love dropped back in 2009, following her solo debut, 2006’s Le Toya.

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Next, Le Toya will star in Dionne Warwick’s forthcoming biopic.

“That’s the one thing I’ve learned about myself over these last seven years.

That’s made it easier for me to walk in my truth.”Take a look at some of the other takeaways of our chat with Luckett below.

In the lyrics, I sing about having a hard time moving on from a relationship -- and come right out of the gate saying this might be my problem, not yours. Inspiration behind the project’s movie miniseries: I felt that people needed a visual.

We’re quick to blame others a lot of times in those situations but this time I wanted to do some self-reflecting. Remember the old-school days when Michael Jackson would come out with a video? And it would be a movie, not just a regular music video. This was a story that needed to be told; something that I had gone through and knew people could relate to.

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