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Other Barasat women carry chile powder to throw in the eyes of an attacker, or travel in groups carrying safety pins and pocket knives.None of these sound as effective as, say, prosecuting and incarcerating attackers, but as long as we’re weaponizing our accessories, we like the idea of turning tips into claws. Stomach-churning footage shows how some of the nails have curled up into spirals, while others remain straight.The video, posted on February 1, reflects a bizarre new trend of women letting their nails grow to impractical lengths in the name of fashion.However, as someone further up has intimated, you have to be careful if she digs into your back.Had the "interesting" experience of hearing an ex say, "Um, I'm sorry" and not knowing what she meant until she took me in front of the mirror and turned me around.

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Juhi Nondi, a 20-year-old college student, takes the train every day to and from school here, toting a satchel of textbooks and looking stylish in her skinny jeans and T-shirts — and long, sharp fingernails.

As many have reported in the wake of the New Delhi gang rape last year, sexual harassment is a daily routine for women in some parts of India.

For most of them, it’s simply a labor of self-love.

“I feel like my body is a canvas, and I want to decorate it,” says Shadiquah “Mahoghany” Lacey, a beautician. ” Her sentiments are echoed throughout the room, as each woman shares a story about how growing her nails has helped grow her sense of self-esteem as well.

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