Is gretchen rossi dating

Even though Gretchen really wants a child of her own, she knows that Smiley is already a parent.He is currently dealing with a very sick son, as Grayson is currently battling cancer — and things aren’t going so well.

Gretchen Rossi went on to reveal that she often catches Smiley crying in their bathroom in the middle of the night due to the devastating situation with his son and knows how involved he is with Grayson and everything the child is going through.

According to TMZ, some of Beitzel’s five ex-wives aren’t too happy with her inheritance either.

Jeff’s ex wife, Sharon, had previously lashed against Gretchen, explaining what she and her kids really thought of her.

In addition, Gretchen Rossi said that all income Smiley received from Bravo TV for his role on and any related appearances went directly to Grayson.

So, while the show made it seem that he wasn’t involved or supportive, they knew he was.

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