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People will come out more and spend dem money on this type of party," he said.

But that's not all: There's also chessboxing (yes, it's a thing -- competitors compete in alternate rounds of both games, although this year they get to choose between boxing and jujitsu...

We think it's these 11, power ranked for your convenience.1768), the Top of the Hill, and the pondside Temple of Love (based on the one at Versailles, NOT the Sisters of Mercy song).

And it needs all 500 acres to contain a zoo, the second-oldest public golf course in the US, tennis courts, baseball fields, lacrosse & soccer fields, playgrounds, cross-country courses, walking/biking trails, the playhouse, Ellicott Arch, Scarboro Pond, and Long Crouch Woods...

In 1948, socialite heiress Isabel Weld Perkins bequeathed her 17th-century estate to Brookline, including the family’s collection of vintage vehicles now on display in the carriage house.

However, this harbor-side urban oasis is best for chilling, picnicking, more chilling, and people-watching during the summer.

Or for hitting one of the many festivals, summer movie nights, and art shows.

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