Eve dating white men

In 1988, when Katrina "Kat" Connors (Shailene Woodley) was 17, her mother, Eve (Eva Green), disappeared without a trace.The story weaves back-and-forth with flashbacks of Eve's past life and the present day.The “Let Me Blow Your Mind” star embarked on a relationship with the African businessman earlier this year after ending her romance with Teodorin Nguema Obiang, the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea. We definitely didn’t have the same things going on in our heads, as far as what it is we wanted as a life.Eve spent her spare time flying between her native U. and Ghana to see her lover, but she admits the long distance and their different outlooks on life took its toll and she recently broke off the relationship. He pretty much was down to do whatever I wanted to do and I don’t need that, you know?I never did,” said 34-year-old Philly native said in an interview with Vibe Vixen.

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He eventually prompts her to remember a traumatic event in Eve’s childhood.The film then jumps forward three years to the spring of 1991.On a break from college, Kat returns home and seems unfazed to learn that her father is in a relationship with a co-worker.“I don’t necessarily want to put a title on it, ‘cause as soon as you put a title on it, people, you know, put it into a category where it has to be 50/50,” Tinashe wrote.“But I definitely know that I have an attraction to everyone and I love everybody.” According to media reports, Tinashe recently spoke again about the LGBT topic and explained that she has a strong love for and connection with her LGBT fans.

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