Dating someone with the same name as you

Family names (also known as surnames) provide an obvious clue to a person’s origin.

And yet, as any genealogist can tell you, surnames can be difficult to work with and research into surnames often yield unexpected surprises.

My best friend is 42 and he just broke up with his boyfriend who is the same age. They have nothing in common and I can't get a clear answer from him about what he sees in this kid. I don't believe in this sort of relationship, but putting my personal differences aside, this is not the time to say anything. The student-teacher thing usually doesn't fare well and if she were to date you, she is either a gold digger (I'm assuming as a teacher you aren't a millionaire) or she has daddy issues, none of which are attractive. This is no more than each of them saying f*ck you to each other. They have tons of sex with the young and ample to make up for the passion they presumably have been missing the past few years. I work on Capitol Hill and don't have financial issues, but I am not attracted to men my age, I like them older. I find them stable and reliable, except they don't seem to respect me.

I’m not saying that you’ll both want three baby boys and a Victorian cottage, but it works. Good music makes for better memories I don’t know about you, but a certain piece of music can summon forth a particular happy memory for me.I'm biding my time until she graduates in September, then I will ask her to dinner. Okay, this is crazy but my parent's divorced last year and both of them are dating. She is 35 years younger than I am and my attraction is beyond physical. The reason you can't get a clear answer from your bestie is because he doesn't want to tell you that screwing a 25-year-old is a good time. Sometimes in close quarters, we get crushes but you have no basis for a relationship. Listen, you are really over-reacting and you are missing the entertainment value in all this. I'm a 58 year old divorced teacher at a business school who has been in love with a female student for over a year now. You'll find a lot more security being on the same page in life with someone who shares your outlook and not discarded at 70 when you can't get it up. And hey, if you're single, ask your mom's new boyfriend to set you up with some of his friends, that way you can all double date. Anyway, chill out and I would be journal-ing this experience, it's a movie waiting to happen.

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