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Meanwhile, we can use the Validate Row event in the same way to prevent the user from exiting the current row.

We are going through the following C# code to analyze the process of validating data in grid cell.

What you have to do is, you handle the Cell Validating event and if fails the validation, you set the error text property, and you get that red error icon to show up in the cell.

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There are two flavors, passive and supervising controller.Also this approach allows the user more flexibility.Lets say the user its not required to enter data in all the rows of the datagridview, the latter approach would work just fine. Send("^a");将全选单元格的内容。 单元格选中并开始编辑状态实现://Data Grid View获得焦点dgv_details. Current Cell = dgv_details[0, 0];//开始编辑状态dgv_details.

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